A Community Built on Partnerships

DappDevs' partners support our community and our mission to make knowledge about building smart contracts and DApps with open source tech more accessible.

Our Network

"I attended the Blockchain for Social Impact conference at the PeaceTech Summit, and was amazed at how quickly Don, Bryant, and Martin got a room full of blockchain novices to go from understanding to application. By the end of two hours, teams had formed detailed, viable proposals for using blockchain to address challenges ranging from maintaining refugees' educational records to delivering life saving medical services to people in disaster zones."
Twila LaMar / Development and Donor Relations Manager at PeaceTech Lab

Some Recent Events

Turning Students Into
Technical Team Members

DappDevs organized a hands-on blockchain programming workshop for fifteen computer science students at UConn. Over two days, students learned the basics of working with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Solidity, Crypto Economic Design Principles, and more.

Working Together to
Solve World Issues

DappDevs, in partnership with Yale TSAI CITY, organized a use-case accelerator workshop at the United States Institute of Peace. Thirty of the brightest minds in PeaceTech gathered to learn basic mechanisms behind Ethereum and Hyperledger and how to develop industry-relevant use cases.